Welcome To Wildlife Action Group Malawi

We are a grassroots NGO co-managing two governmental protected forest reserves in Central Malawi. Our work involves activities to:

  • Stop illegal poaching of African wildlife (elephants, antelopes, monkeys, leopards) and stop deforestation of the forest reserves.
  • Protect and conserve an important biodiversity hotspot in Malawi for animals, birds, insects, plants and trees. The forest reserves where we work are some of the few protected areas where elephant and buffalo still live.
  • Work holistically with local communities to help protect and conserve the forest and wildlife through education, wildlife law enforcement and income generating activities

What We Do

Wildlife Action Group (WAG) Malawi is a grassroots charity managing forest reserves in Central Malawi. More about our work and challenges we face here in the African bush:

The Projects

Thuma Forest Reserve and Dedza-Salima FR contain significant numbers of the remaining large mammals of Malawi, which make the two reserves an important biodiversity hotspot in Malawi.

Volunteer With Us

We are always looking for volunteers to help us with our day to day work as well as new projects that are always in progress. WAG volunteers come from various back grounds such as - animal behaviourist, builders, students, mechanics, agriculture, musicians, flight attendants, office worker - there are no particular criteria.

Sponsor A Scout

We have roughly WAG 12 scouts protecting the two reserves where we work. With more scouts we could patrol more areas more frequently and protect more of the reserves and wildlife.

We are very thankful for the support of our generous donors and partners in our continuous effort to protect Malawi’s forest and wildlife for future generations. THANK YOU!