Thuma Forest Reserve - Gedicht

Wilfred James Kalirari

Von: Wilfred James Kalirari

Lehrer an der Kavunguti School, 2014

The chain lying west of the lake

Home of natural inspiration

Un compared to anything

More confronting and recreate

A land that displays Gods art

Floating from North to South

Over and below Kirk Range

Reminding us the first creation

Eden, the blessed first garden

Saturated with fauna and flora

Totally immaculate and magnificent

Rewarded with its beauty

Ever if you miss it

Search for no place on the living planet

Even far beyond the blues

Remember, its differentiated difference

Verify for yourself


Für die Unterstützung unseres fortwährenden Einsatzes zum Schutz der Wälder und der Wildtiere Malawis sind wir unserer großherzigen Spendern und Partnern sehr dankbar. DANKE!