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ANNUAL REPORT 2017 - Message From Director

February 2018

animal counts

Since 2013 total animal counts have been conducted every two years.

2017 closed on a positive note and 2018 brings exciting prospects. Wildlife Action Group celebrated 15 years working in Thuma Forest Reserve. This NGO was founded by a german couple (George and Suzi Kloble) who are dedicated conservationists. 2002 saw the signing of a MoU with the Department of Forestry which allowed WAG to co-manage Thuma. Four young men were employed as scouts all coming from local villages and the long walk to conserve and rehabilitate the forest began. It was believed only 25 elephants remained at this time. There was commercial deforestation with trucks loaded with forest resources leaving the Reserve daily and evidence of mass poaching of elephants. The remaining elephants were moving like spirits, believed to be here, but never seen. These shy giants, were terrified by humans and remained silent and hidden in what was left of a forest being eaten by deforestation. WAG adopted a motto at the start which still hangs at our entrance „MORE SWEAT AND LESS POACHING“. George and Suzi‘s vision to protect the remaining wildlife and stop the deforestation has created a legacy. This story is far from finished but so far a forest has risen from the ashes and the phoenix is rising from the fire. Many managers, scouts and volunteers have come and gone, all have left their mark and we would not be where we are today without their efforts, for which we are truly thankful. Many are still supporting us and our WAG family has grown and continues to grow. We still sweat and the work continues. We sincerely thank our donors and supporters who have enabled us to do this work, and have been with us through thick and thin, the good times and the really tough times. Today, WAG is proud to be able to say that approximately 10% of the total population of Malawian elephants are living and moving freely inside these forests, no longer invisible spirits. They are reclaiming the forest as theirs and are seen daily. The forest is regenerating and in 2017 the final area which has seen ongoing destruction since 1994 due to charcoal burning has been reclaimed. Now we need to work harder than ever. The vision continues and the 2017 figures show increases in all wildlife living in both reserves.

increases in all wildlife living

2017 figures show increases in all wildlife living in both reserves.

Since 2013 total Animal counts have been conducted every two years. 2017 figures show increases in all wildlife living in both reserves.Our work commitment strengthens. Reintroduction of certain species, good forest management, introduction of eco tourism, continued development in surrounding communities and strengthening protection of the habitat are all top of our agenda. I salute our staff, whose dedication and hard work ensures the protection of these areas and the wildlife that live here. They are the ones who are ensuring this legacy for future generations of Malawians. I, on behalf of WAG, would finally like to thank our government partners for their ongoing trust and support of the work being carried out here and pledge our commitment to continue this long walk to conserve and protect.

Yours sincerely


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