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NEWS 2017

Thuma Short Report

February, 2017

I am way behind with our postings and info from Thuma. Sorry for that. So I just wanted to update everyone with what has been happening:)

Local Work

Well done to all the school childern

Well done to all the school childern.

Aubery has been working very hard in the schools and they managed to plant over 4000 trees. These will be used in and around the schools to mark the boundaries and prvide shade and help with soil erosion. We want double that planted this year.

Meeting with local TA and chiefs

Meeting with local TA and chiefs.

Tuesday Trust/WAG partner project

Women of the Tuesday Trust/WAG partner project.

First meeting with local TA and chiefs since my accident. It was so nice to see everyone again. We met with local leaders and school teachers to introduce a new school competition. Tuesday Trust one of our partners along with WAG invited five schools to take part in planting seeds, sweet potatoes and cow peas in each school. The winners (the one that harvests the most) will win a cup, football equipment and netballs. We will keep you updated. But it was welcomed by all.

A group of elephants seen in February 2014

Dani from REA.

Donated a sewing machine

Donated a sewing machine. Thank you so much Claudia, fantastic idea.

Support And Donations

WAG started the year with a visit from Dani from REA. It was as if it was Christmas all over again as Dani somehow managed to bring so much donations for us. Most important after my accident we realised we needed some very important 1st aid equipment. We would like to thank all the poeple who went out of their way to help us acheive this.

So Thank you to: Petra Dreml, Manka Toukuhn, Kessi, Johanna Kandler for all the medical things. And we also got a donation of an amazing rescue bag from Mathias Prohimann. And of course we got boots and equipment for the scouts who were so delighted. A HUGE BIG THANK YOU as always REA. a very important donation, because we have roughly 12 WAG scouts protecting the two reserves where we work. With more scouts we could patrol more areas more frequently and protect more of the reserves and wildlife.

Big thank you to Maike another of our super volunteers who donated two lap tops to WAG last year. And can't forget her father who helped clear them down and have them nice for us.

""[..] Living tucked in the Thuma Forest Reserve, with no running water, solar power to charge things by day and nothing but wildlife for kilometers and poachers lurking… This is Lynn’s life. And, she loves it!""
(Wildlife Margrit)

-> www.nikela.org

Claudia our volunteer from Switzerland bought and donated a sewing machine for us. This allows us to fix our uniforms etc. Its so cool and saves us going to town to have them fixed!

Warmest regards


Big thank you to Maike

Donation of two laptops: Big thank you to Maike.

Some volunteers and work

Some volunteers and work and having some down time:)

shade of green

After no rain for so long the forest changes from dry and dead looking to every shade of green and wild flowers appear from no where!
Thuma always looks its best at this time of the year.

Rain beautiful rain

Rain beautiful rain. We last saw rain in Feb 2016 so when the heavens opened we where dancing with happiness.

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016: We tried to make the day as special as possible.
Santa socks were filled for each member of staff:)

Happy 2017

We wish a Happy 2017 to all our donors, supporters and friends.

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