Wildlife Action Group Malawi

  • Entrance fee: 5 US$ per person and 5 US$ per car.
  • Entrance for Malawians: 2 US$.
  • Camping fee: 5 US$ per person per night.
  • Guided hikes: 10 US$ per person. (Due to potential encounters with elephants and buffalos: only guided hikes allowed.)

Visit Us At Thuma

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  • When coming from Lilongwe (M5): about 80 km from Lilongwe, there is an electric power station on the left side of the road. 200 meters further there is a sign on the right: turn right here and follow the road.
  • When coming from Salima (M5): about 6.5 km after the turn off to Nkhotakota and 200 meter before the electric power station (after the last building), turn left and follow the road.
  • After 2.9 km you will cross Lilongwe River.
  • After another 1.5 km turn to the right (follow the sign): after 200 meters you will go through a small village (Nkangayawala).
  • 6.2 km after passing the village, you see another baobab at the right side of the road (with a Thuma direction sign painted on it): about 15 meters before this baobab turn to the right.
  • Follow this small road for about 400 meters and you will enter Thuma Forest Reserve.
  • In Thuma Forest Reserve: again, just follow the road that is clearly used most and after about 10 km you will reach our camp.
how to get to Thuma
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We are very thankful for the support of our generous donors and partners in our continuous effort to protect Malawi’s forest and wildlife for future generations. THANK YOU!